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You expect a lot when you hire a Realtor to sell your house.

You need someone you can trust, but who also has the marketing chops to get buyers in the door. An advocate with unwavering dedication to your best interests, along with in-depth understanding of the contracts and local market in order to negotiate the best price for your home. You're not asking too much—you want great service and communication too. 

We understand that a Realtor MUST perform on all of these levels in order to deliver the results you demand, and it's incredibly hard to find someone with this combination of skills. But with all the unknowns in a real estate sale, you can't afford to settle for less.  

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Fig. 1-1 "Peak Performance Pyramid" 

We're committed to delivering on each level of this Peak Performance Pyramid. List with us and you'll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that: 

Your Home Will Outshine the Competition. Presentation matters. Some buyers won't bother getting out of the car if your home doesn't make a great impression from the curb. Our systems ensure that your home puts its best face forward with minimal expense to you.  

More Buyers Will See Your Home. Simply putting a home on the MLS and waiting for it to sell doesn't cut it. Our marketing plan leverages today's technologies to reach a wider field of buyers through social media, live-streaming open houses, paid advertising targeting active buyers, and more. Call us for more details on our marketing plan. 

You'll Get Top Dollar for Your Home. We treat the sale of your home like a product launch. The most crucial element is building anticipation. Our strategic marketing is the best way to create an "auction effect," which enables you to select the highest offer from the most qualified buyer. 

You'll Weed Out Unqualified or Unmotivated Buyers. Nothing kills your home's chances of selling for top dollar like falling out of escrow. We'll show you how to examine each buyer's loan qualification and also negotiate terms into the contract which put pressure on the buyer to perform and compensate you if they fail to follow through. This is all BEFORE accepting an offer. 

You'll Enjoy Less Stress During Escrow. The best way to a smooth escrow is to have an experienced agent coordinating everything behind the scenes—escrow & title officers, loan officers, inspectors, appraisals, the buyers and their agents, making sure everyone is performing their duties and meeting their deadlines. 

You're Protected During & After Escrow. We provide each of our sellers with home warranty coverage during escrow to keep the sale on track should an appliance fail, and we also provide a year of home warranty coverage to the buyer so that if something breaks in their first year of home ownership, they won't be looking to you to fix it. 

You'll Keep The Money You Make on the Sale of Your Home. People are super litigious in California and the courts tend to favor buyers if you miss a disclosure when selling your home. We structure multiple layers of protection into the service and advice we provide our home sellers, allowing you to rest assured that you're protected. 

You Can Rely on Us For Honest, Direct Advice. Some home sales are more challenging than others, but we believe there are creative solutions for every unique challenge. We will always communicate with you openly and honestly. You'll never feel as if you’re going it alone with Empey Realty as your confidante and trusted advisor.

You'll Be So Happy You Chose Us! We have the best clients in the world and we will do anything to help our clients achieve great things. We make money by making you money! Give us a call today for a free strategy session. You'll get valuable, professional advice with no obligation. You have nothing to lose! 858-230-8644


Hear What Our Happy Clients Have to Say


Justin H.

Sold Mission Beach Triplex

I hired Lauren to help me sell a triplex in Mission Beach, and I could not be happier with her service and expertise! She is super knowledgeable, easy to communicate with, and she works really hard. She did an awesome job of marketing the property, doing multiple flyers and mailers and social media stuff, open houses, etc… She also handled all the communication and coordination with the tenants and everything went smoothly despite lots of inspections and people around the property while in escrow. I recommend Lauren to everyone! 

Kevin K.

Sold A Single Family Home
(For 6% Over Asking With 
Multiple Offers!)

Lauren exemplified what a Real Estate person should be. She was quick to act on every occasion and handled each and every matter of the transaction with speed, professionalism and finesse.

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