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Don’t Hire a Realtor to Help You Buy a Home With an HOA Until You Read This

If you’re buying a home which is subject to an HOA, your investigation into the HOA is one of the most important elements of your buyer due diligence. HOAs have a lot of power over your ownership of your property—they can regulate your the and design of your home, charge you directly for the cost of maintenance to the complex (on top of your normal monthly dues), and they can foreclose on you and literally take your home away if you don’t pay those fees levied by the HOA.

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New Real Estate Scams and How to Protect Yourself When Buying or Selling a Home

You think of cyber crime and start to tune out, right? All these big security hacks keep happening and the problem seems so insurmountable, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and just tune it out. It’s not a problem until it happens to you, so why worry about it?

I recently attended a cybersecurity panel as part of a real estate education seminar, and it opened my eyes to some little, yet hugely important things we should all be doing to protect ourselves. The panel included a local FBI agent, a local district attorney from the cyber crime division, and other security professionals. I learned some very important, simple tips for protecting myself every day, and I hope you will learn something too.

But first, the scams!

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How to Buy a Home in California, Part VIII: Opening Escrow and Buyer Due Diligence

So you've got all your ducks in a row, found a home you love, and convinced the seller to accept your offer. Congratulations!!! This is a huge accomplishment. But, your work has only just begun. Now it's time to investigate the home and make sure it's going to be a good investment. Hopefully you won't find out anything horrible, but that's out of your hands at this point. Real estate is like litigation—never a sure thing, no matter how great your case is. In this post we'll be covering the flurry of activity that will take place when you open escrow. If you'd like to browse the other topics in this multi-part blog series on How to Buy a Home in California, please check out our handy Table of Contents

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